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What Is A Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document in which a person creating it (referred to as the "principal") delegates authority for legal decisions to be made by another (referred to as the "agent"). The power of attorney can encompass a wide range of acts to be delegated to the agent or only enable the [...]

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What Is A Will?

A will is a written document that controls the disposition of a person's property at that person's death. Each state sets their own formal requirements in order for a will to be legal. A properly executed will allows a person to make decisions on who will receive property rather than the decision having been made [...]

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What Is A Trust?

A trust is a fiduciary relationship where a trustee is tasked with investing, protecting and managing property as well as the income that the property generates for a beneficiary. There can be more than one trustee and more than one beneficiary in a trust. The intent of the grantor, as expressed in the terms of [...]

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General Overview Of Revocable And Irrevocable Trusts

One way to think about a trust is that the trust itself is a book of instructions. A grantor authors the trust, and provides instructions concerning the use of the grantor’s assets while the grantor is alive, including who is permitted to access the trust assets, and what will occur at the grantor’s incapacity and [...]

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Dunegan Law Included In Best Law Firms Rankings

The Law Office of Stephen D. Dunegan, P.A. is pleased to announce that it has been selected in the Eighth Edition of the U.S. News and Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms" list. Firms that are included in this list are acknowledged for excellence in the profession, receiving consistently high ratings from peers and clients. It [...]

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IRS Releases 2018 Inflation Adjustments To Tax Provisions

The 2018 tax year annual inflation adjustments, which affect more than 50 tax provisions, have been announced by the Internal Revenue Service. Revenue Procedure 2017-58 (Oct. 19, 2017). Here is a summary of what to expect: Standard deduction: For married couples that file jointly in the 2018 tax year, the standard deduction will be $13,000.00, [...]

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Ten Reasons For Updating Your Estate Plan

Your plan hasn’t been updated to take into account the never-ending Estate Tax changes. Currently a single person can leave up to $5.49 million, and a married couple can leave up to $10.98 million, free of estate tax.  Over the years, the estate tax exemption has gone from $600,000 per individual (in 2000) to [...]

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